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We practice western medical acupuncture as a targeted and highly effective way of combatting persistent and chronic pain. Acupuncture relieves muscle tension, local and referred pain and headaches as well as coupling perfectly with strenuous training or rehabilitation as an adjunctive therapy to optimise recovery. Contact us to find out more!


“I started seeing Simon due to a finger injury a few years ago. He was very quick to diagnose what wrong and gave me a great rehab plan! Since then I have seen him for pretty much any niggle I have- finger, knee, you name it! It’s great because Simon understands how important climbing and moving is to me- being in the GB Climbing Team being able to train is pretty important! So all his rehab and recovery still involved some form of training so I could get back to full strength ASAP! Could not recommend highly enough!

– Rhoslyn Frugtniet

“His unlimited psych for sport, exercise and rehab always spurred me on to complete all my exercises which was a key part of my recovery. All injured climbers should just book in with him now as you’ll be climbing hard again sooner if you do!

– Ponder Stibbons