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Rise Physiotherapy Bristol

For the adventurer

Provides a functional rehabilitation & injury prevention service specialising in Physiotherapy, Sports Massage & Pilates.


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Our physiotherapists are all highly skilled clinicians with years of experience working in NHS, Private and Sports Physiotherapy settings.

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Sports Massage

Anyone can benefit from sports massage, not just athletes. Emotional, work-related and postural stress can all be relieved through massage techniques.

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For Climbers

Headed by the southwest’s leading climbing physiotherapist, Simon Carley-Smith, our team has specialist training and un-matched experience dealing with climbing injuries.

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Osteopathy is a holistic healthcare approach that focuses on the musculoskeletal system and its connection to overall health.

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Pilates strengthens and conditions the body in an even way, paying particular attention to core strength, flexibility and balance to protect the back and surrounding joints.

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Remote Physiotherapy

RISE is now open for face to face appointments where appropriate, but we are still offering a hugely valuable, specialist virtual rehab service.

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Being based out of Redpoint Bristol Climbing Centre means RISE Physiotherapy is perfectly placed to meet the rehabilitation and therapy needs of Bristol’s rock climbing and adventure sports community. 



Simon Carley-Smith

Specialist Climbing and Sports Physiotherapist

Simon is a highly experienced specialist physiotherapist, practicing at the highest clinical levels in both sports and NHS Physiotherapy. He is a founder and Director of RISE and leads the clinical team.

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George Williams

Specialist MSK, Sports & Climbing Physiotherapist

George has 8 years of MSK experience working within a variety of settings. He works as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist within the NHS treating patients with acute and chronic conditions as well as post-operative rehabilitation.

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Adam Mackintosh

Osteopath - general and specialist sports osteopathy

Adam is a passionate and highly skilled therapist with a focus on expert, hands-on, structural and corrective techniques.

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Anthony Withington

Senior MSK Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer

Tony has dedicated 8 years to developing his expertise as an MSK Specialist Physiotherapist. He has an array of experience across the board, working within both sports, private and NHS physiotherapy settings, including mentoring and training Student and Junior Physiotherapists.

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Stefani Carley-Smith

Stott Pilates Advanced Matwork Instructor

Stefani directs our Pilates offering at RISE. A highly experienced instructor she gained her skills working in a variety of clinics, studios and private settings, and has now realised her dream of leading her own studio as a Pilates Reformer and Equipment instructor.

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WITH reformer PILATES..

Do you want to feel energised, powerful and confident within yourself? Rise Physiotherapy and Pilates is a company born out of a passion for health, movement,strength and a sense that there is nothing more important than being at your best.


“I started seeing Simon due to a finger injury a few years ago. He was very quick to diagnose what wrong and gave me a great rehab plan! Since then I have seen him for pretty much any niggle I have- finger, knee, you name it! It’s great because Simon understands how important climbing and moving is to me- being in the GB Climbing Team being able to train is pretty important! So all his rehab and recovery still involved some form of training so I could get back to full strength ASAP! Could not recommend highly enough!

– Rhoslyn Frugtniet – IFSC World Cup Climber.

Charlie was really friendly, helpful and reassuring, and the exercises she gave me have fully solved my back problem! Absolutely great.

– Claire

His unlimited psych for sport, exercise and rehab always spurred me on to complete all my exercises which was a key part of my recovery. All injured climbers should just book in with him now as you’ll be climbing hard again sooner if you do!

– Ponder Stibbons

Amazing session! Sarah answered loads of questions I had and helped me to integrate some exercises into my yoga practice so I have a solid way of moving forward and rehabilitating my body

– Imralis

I highly recommend Simon and the Rise team for both climbing and running related physio for either injury or performance reasons

– Alistair

I saw Sarah when my lower back went into painful spasm. Sarah was extremely empathetic, helpful and skilled. I left feeling very reassured and after just one day of prescribed exercises my back is already improving!

– Jen

The transformation I’ve experienced seeing both Simon for an initial physiotherapy consultation, and Stefani for 1:1 Pilates sessions over the course of several months has been incredible.

– Jennifer